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Meet South Africa's untamed wilderness

Author and photographer Shannon Skokos was awakened by God's awesome roar while touring South Africa on safari.
Shannon Skokos was led on a life-changing excursion through South Africa's untamed wilderness. Her images are mesmerizing and provide a glimpse into the vast diversity of mammals, birds, insects and reptiles that inhabit Kruger National Park. Her insightful text inspires the reader to carefully evaluate his daily walk with God and to gain wisdom through the study of His creatures. The animals and lessons within Ask God's Creatures®: and They Will Teach You are divided into three themed sections - Strength, Respect and Wisdom.


Scriptures teach us about the strength of our Heavenly Father and the strength that we find through placing our faith and trust in Him.


Humans are in many ways no different than God's animals. When we respect one another, we find peace and harmony.


When we seek wisdom, we find truth and humility.